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Pregnancy/Infant Care: Internet A+


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Sep 22, 2013
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Women are a complex species and the careful attention paid to pregnancy and infant care for first-time or veteran parents affects how women feel about being effective caregivers.

How we tend to women during pregnancy and how we approach women interacting with their newborn infant can have a positive effect on the maternal health and psychological health of the mother as well as the developmental health of the baby.

The Internet offers many resources and contact links for people looking for nurses, medical attention, or just some helpful advice. This is one of the great benefits of the Internet.

Think about nutrition for the mother during pregnancy, proper nutrition for the newborn/infant, decisions about breast-feeding, planning timely visits to the paediatrician/doctor, and unhindered curiosity about careful planning for parenthood.

In our age of nicotine TV ads and urban sprawl, attention to women's health and infant care signifies our social investments in human vitality (and our women will be happier too!).

It is a certain fact that all women appreciate confident attention.

People should feel free to share their favourite Internet resource links for pregnancy/infant care advice.

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