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Unbelievable and heart wrenching stories about Abortion - pro and con


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Jun 20, 2014
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I have a friend who was blackmailed into marrying a woman who was pregnant with his child. She said, if he didn't marry her, she would have an abortion.

All of us knew that this woman was extremely bad news, and the marriage wouldn't last. My friend's father, who was an attorney, offered him an all expenses trip to Europe if he would break off the wedding. She was arrested for DUI on the way to the town where the marriage was to take place. My friend's father said to my friend that maybe this is a sign that this marriage should not happen, but my friend asked his father to get his fiance out of jail, and he did.

Anyway, nobody in my friend's family or friends knew about the abortion threat. Only years later did he tell me the truth. By then they were divorced, and his first son looked just like him, but the second son didn't look like him at all. Eventually, we found that she was cheating.

Any way, that's my abortion story, though I was not a major player in the drama, but I did do this:

I wrote a note to him, signed and dated, saying "On such and such date, I warned you not to marry [name]." My friend signed it, and then I pulled out the note after the break up. He said, "I knew you would say 'I told you so.'" But I had told him so, and I had proof in writing.


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Dec 20, 2010
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North Coast, USA
Abortions should be for free at Walmart!

All teenaged girls should be required to get abortions!
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