Pelosi: “China Is One Of The Freest Societies In The World”

She thinks that whatever she says will be taken as gospel truth that is not to be questioned. Which TBH is what every other politician thinks, but IMHO she takes it to extremes.
Pelosi is personified evil.
She is endorsing slavery.
Of course, the Toady Press gives Pelosi a pass.
China will be one of the freest countries in the world by the time Democrats are finished destroying America. Half the liberals here would love to see Republicans getting the Uigyer treatment.
Thanks to the astute Pelosi and others I've been learning Mandarin on my own over the last four month or so, as I've said for some time, half jokingly, "learn Mandarin, it's the future."

I haven't studied too intensely, but it follows my very intense practical self study of python coding and Machine Learning. In Canada we are all under the thumb of the security apparatus but I don't wish to die ignorant regardless of the human right abuses we all struggle under.

Just scored 18/30 on HSK2 Mandarin vocab test, which isn't great but not horrible ( I think there are 600 words per HSK level), but I aced 30/30 on HSK1. Ironically I am probably the same level HSK3 as HSK2 verbal only, not characters, which I am avoiding. This is due to the material I have worked with which covers more HSK3 vocabulary.

I can understand a great deal of Mandarin if I listen to it slowly, even better if I read pinyin (English translation of Mandarin sounds). Pinyin has helped a great deal as well so I recommend it to anyone wishing to learn Chinese. ANKI is invaluable also.

Canadas healthcare is collapsing, our economy isn't too far behind really, so, learning another language is prudent as far as I am concerned. I also speak some French, a better reader of French tbh.
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Pretty much defines her goals here.

It was certainly free enough to make a Democrat President filthy rich, unleash a bio weapon against the US and the world and sit back and watch the Democrats steal an election because of the ensuing pandemic restrictions on voting in person.

Damn free! Just the Socialist Shithole model Democrat turds like Nancy love.
I have always been against the One-China Policy. Why would our government support a government forcing citizenship on people who do not want it and seek independence to govern themselves?
Pelosi is personified evil.
She is endorsing slavery.
Of course, the Toady Press gives Pelosi a pass.

What Democrat doesn’t support slavery?
Whether it’s Chinese slave labor or Mexicans, they all love slavery.
Pelosi is personified evil.
She is endorsing slavery.
Of course, the Toady Press gives Pelosi a pass.

I agree with the sentiments of the posters here regarding the PRC (CCP), however, I think she is talking about the ROC (Taiwan) and I believe she may be right (for the only time in her life). Taiwan is a very free and open society not in the slightest resemblance of their imperialist neighbor.
Did she goof and meant Taiwan 🇹🇼 and not China 🇨🇳?

If she truly meant China then that woman is off her rocker!
I believe she did mean Taiwan which is the Republic of China (ROC) not to be confused with their communist antagonists, the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). This is why the PRC has been pushing the narrative towards "one China" Currently there are two.

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