Pedophile bomb planted by fake popes since 1958: NAPOLEON all it takes as proof


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Apr 26, 2014
Pedophile bomb: planted by fake popes since 1958 - NAPOLEON is all it takes to prove it.
Napoleon stands for the first illuminati attempt to conquer Moscow.
Napoleon's military defeat 1812 also interrupted this:

First illuminati attempt to annihilate the Catholic Church and exterminate christians.
It started 1789, as illuminati agents (Robespierre & Co) took complete control of the french revolution.
The hate propaganda against the Catholic church in France and the occupied countries that went on until 1812 was similar to what jews endured in Germany and occupied Europe from 1933 until the fall of the III Reich.
The Church's property was confiscated, churches in the occupied countries were sacked and destroyed, thousands of priests and nuns were beheaded by the guillotine.
So ...

Why didn't the array of lies used to persecute the Catholic Church include accusing priests of pedophilia?
Because at that time there was no conotation whatsoever between both.
Using such a tactic would only discredit Napoleon's propaganda "explaining" why catholics had to be wiped off.
This simple fact proves that the concept of "pedophile priests" was created and consolidated only during the last decades, using the "step by step" psy-op technique.
More precisely since the illuminati gained TOTAL control of the Vatican (majority of cardinals) 1961, two years after having their agent Roncalli elected pope John XXIII, 1958.

Unlike Adolf Hitler and now his greaat nephew Alexander and same as BushClinton, Napoleon was merely executing orders from the Illuminati Grand Master:
Official and real last antichrist: [their / his] human face(s): Napoleon, Hitler, BushClinton; Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus.
The Last Antichrist: Napoleon, Hitler, BushClinton since 1992: Napoleon, Hitler, BushClinton: Real and official faces

Catholic Church - 20th century History: Two Illuminati core lies
Catholic Church Destruction, the illuminati script: Catholic Church - 20th century History: Illuminati core lies

Suicide bombers is one of the basic illuminati tactics. Examples: "Popes" since 1958, "Putin", "Obama", "Nethanyhau".
Illuminati suicide bombers: Illuminati suicide bombers - BASICS: suicide missions; Introductory bombs; Full detonation

Hoaxes of End Times - for an audience reduced to cattle: Napoleon Pedophile bomb fake popes planted it
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The Mongols did conquer Russia and Moscow..I believe they founded the Illuminati, oh wait, the Polish, Swedes and Vikings also conquered Moscow, damn that clouds the dream...
Illuminati has a website.

A Brief Introduction

The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, and other influential members of this planet. Our collective unites influencers of the world in an unrestrictive and private domain, free of political, religious, and geographical boundaries to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.

While our operations require anonymity for the safety of our members, we strive to create a better understanding between us and the people we have been entrusted to protect.

Illuminati | Official Website
I'm not understanding any of this. Maybe I should put on my tinfoil hat so I can block the mind control rays.
I'm not understanding any of this. Maybe I should put on my tinfoil hat so I can block the mind control rays.
It is amazing how often the Illuminaties get credit for things that happen today and long ago... I have a theory that the Illuminati are beings fueled by global warming. They only haunt people of a certain temperament.

Therefore Blackrook, we don't need no stinkin tinfoil!

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