pedophile priests

  1. TeaBagger

    Clergy Is Far More Likely to Molest a Child Than General Population

    It's not just the Catholic church that has a pedophile problem. In fact other clerics molest kids at the same rate as the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Frances says about 2% of priests are pedophiles. Other estimates put it at 6%. Considering that there are only 400,000 pedophiles in the US, the...
  2. L

    Pedophile bomb planted by fake popes since 1958: NAPOLEON all it takes as proof

    Pedophile bomb: planted by fake popes since 1958 - NAPOLEON is all it takes to prove it. Napoleon stands for the first illuminati attempt to conquer Moscow. Napoleon's military defeat 1812 also interrupted this: First illuminati attempt to annihilate the Catholic Church and exterminate...

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