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  1. TheProgressivePatriot

    Lawyer For Cardinal Pell Minimizes Child Rape As ‘Plain Vanilla Sexual Penetration’

    This is absolutely disgusting and proof that the Catholic Church has no intention of taking full responsibility for the history of sexual abuse. The Pope has pledged transparency and a policy of intolerance for this sort of predatory behavior, but is he aware of this opprobrious defense? If he...
  2. HaShev

    Things you missed when deciphering the Fatima

    "IF" you are so insistent in believing the Fatima prophecies or event then it becomes problematic if keeping it consistant to Biblical interpretations. In reality the Fatima was most likely simply a typical ploy to seek out new blood money (tithes) as the U.S. and Europe was seeing church...
  3. L

    Pedophile bomb planted by fake popes since 1958: NAPOLEON all it takes as proof

    Pedophile bomb: planted by fake popes since 1958 - NAPOLEON is all it takes to prove it. Napoleon stands for the first illuminati attempt to conquer Moscow. Napoleon's military defeat 1812 also interrupted this: First illuminati attempt to annihilate the Catholic Church and exterminate...

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