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Oops! Biden Wants To Import More Canadian Oil But He Killed The Keystone Pipeline


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Feb 22, 2021
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I've posted illegal immigration numbers for Clinton, Obama, W and Trump. The drop in illegal immigration under Democratic Presidents who prosecute employers is astonishing. Then the moment an R is in the White House, the prosecutions end, and illegal border crossing increase because the "Now Hiring" signs are all out for them.

This ignores the costs of arresting, and holding border jumpers for their hearings. When you prosecute employers,

In the case of Trump it was the classic case of creating a problem and then pretending to solve it.

No it was not you stupid tool.

Crossing went so high he declared a "National Emergency" in 2019 - more than 2 years AFTER he took office.

Then in January of 2020, he stopped letting anyone in during covid. Covid kept people at home, not Trump.
The issue is today, not when Clinton was President.

Trump didn't create the problem...there was a surge on the border, he fixed it. Xiden undid his policy and now we have the worse humanitarian crisis on our border in history

yes he declared a national energemy to get funds that the Dems were blocking.

Ordinary Guy

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Jul 16, 2021
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