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On MTT, Fobbits, Vision, and PC'ness


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Nov 22, 2003
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From an embed report. This is the most recent report, there is a whole bunch of stuff at his site. Even someone like me, that skips alot of the jargon, can get a glimpse of where they are hoping the 'surge' comes in:


A look at the challenges facing a Military Transition Team in Iraq

Soldiers and Marines from the 3/3-1 MTT prepare for a raid. Click image to view.

KHALIDIYA, IRAQ: In The Iraqi Army and the MTT in Khalidiya ,we looked at the successes and setbacks with the Iraqi Army in the Habbaniyah region. This post will focus on the challenges facing the Military Transition Teams in Anbar province. The four main challenges are the focus of the MTT mission, the clash between forward deployed MTTs and the rear areas, the politically correct warfighting strategy and cognitive dissonance over the detainee issue.

It should be noted that none of these problems are insurmountable, and they do not indicate a failure in the mission. These issues do make the task of fighting an insurgency far more difficult than they should be, however. The new Iraq strategy is designed to address some of these issues, however it remains to be seen if the policy is implemented at the tactical level...

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