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Obama's Class Warfare at Work


Princess of Rhetoric
Nov 1, 2009
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Atlanta, GA, USA
I spoke with this woman a few minutes ago....she's got her head stuck so far up the great almighty Obama's ass, so as to require a proctologist to remove her head from a dark, dank, smelly place.

Have a read.....

Ronnie Polaneczky: I feel terrible about Webcamgate ... and terrible about why | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/04/2010

Ronnie Polaneczky: I feel terrible about Webcamgate ... and terrible about why
By Ronnie Polaneczky
Philadelphia Daily News

Daily News Columnist

AS A Philadelphia public-school parent, I sometimes forget that most suburban schools are much richer than the city's.

After all, my kid is having a good run in Philly's schools. She's had great teachers - or, at least, enough great ones to make up for some snoozers (but who, in truth, were no worse than the clunkers I had when I was a kid. I survived; so will she. Bad teachers build character!).

And my husband and I have been able to connect with enough wonderful school parents that we feel like we live among trusted villagers who have our backs.

All in all, Philly's schools have done well by my family. So I tend not to think much about schools on the tonier side of the city line.

Until something like Webcamgate comes along. And the imbalance of wealth between the city and the suburbs gets me verklempt all over again.

By now, you surely know about the brouhaha that's set teeth a-gnashing in Lower Merion. A couple in the upper-crust school district has alleged that an administrator spied on their son via a webcam in the school-issued laptop computer that the teen was using at home.

When I heard the news, my first reaction should've been, "What an appalling allegation! If it's true, that administrator oughta hang by a wedgie from the gym rafters!"

Instead, I muttered, "Ya little snot. The district gave you a damn computer? Quit whining."

I'm not proud of this reaction. But I was thinking of my daughter's friend, a super-bright kid who often does computer research at our dining-room table because the teen's family doesn't have a computer.

How much easier would life be with a personal laptop in every home?

So, yeah, my empathy for my kid's computerless friend displaced what should've been my horror that a Lower Merion student's privacy may have been electronically invaded.

I had a similarly petty woe-is-us reaction a few years back, when some students at a Bucks County elementary school came down with mysterious rashes and headaches that had their poor parents worried silly.

When it was finally determined that a fluid used to clean the school's carpeting probably caused the children's afflictions, I didn't say, "Thank goodness their nightmare is over!"

I said, "Wow, they have carpeting?"

I remembered how tickled we parents were, when my daughter was in kindergarten, that another parent donated a big, beaten-up but still cozy Oriental-style rug to the classroom, so our kids wouldn't be sitting on the cold tile for "circle time."

If the kids had carpet at that Bucks County school, they doubtless had other "frills" that my kindergartner and her tiny classmates were routinely going without.

Like toilet paper.

Reading the coverage these past two weeks of Webcamgate, my suburban-school envy has kicked into gear all over again.

Last year, wealthy Lower Merion spent $21,663 per child on its schools. Philly spends less than half that, thanks to our miserably low tax

base, which funds public education.

Lower Merion has a gleaming new high school and a second one in the works, both with multiple gyms and state-of-the-art technology that guarantees that no child will be left behind unless he's too lazy to crack his laptop open.

At my daughter's academically excellent middle school, only a handful of classrooms even have "smart boards." Even fewer have air-conditioning.

It's a testament to a teacher's greatness when she can engage 33 kids on a sweltering afternoon in a classroom so small and tight, waving a handmade fan can cool three kids at once.

So, yeah, I get kind of pissy when I hear some parents impacted by Webcamgate act like the debacle is the end of education as they know it.

"Try walking in a Philly public-school parent's shoes for a week," I wanna tell them. "Then you'll see what education hardship looks like."

My pissiness, though, hides a deeper sorrow. As nutty and hysterical as some Lower Merion parents have acted over Webcamgate, at least they're engaged in their kids' schooling in a way that we desperately need more parents to be in Philly.

If one third of the city's public-school parents were even half as committed to their kids' education as most Lower Merion parents are, the entire school district would be transformed.

more at the link above....

My response to her was that my children had gone to similar schools in th "tony suburbs" of Atlanta...except that our school district is urban-suburban. And that thanks to NCLB, I now transport them 25 miles away to high school where they go to a "tony suburban high school".

I suggested to her that if she is unhappy with her schools, that a) she move, certainly she can afford a higher-tax based location, being the big-time newspaper writer she is or b) use the NCLB program and get her kid OUT of the schools without carpet or computers or {gasp} toilet paper.

I told her that thanks to NCLB, my kids are finally in a school where they are SAFE and in a school where the teachers aren't cops, but TEACHERS. That they're learning and making good grades and performing much better than they ever have academically as a result.

She took great umbrage with me.....and said I was whining.

No, dear, I offered you solutions you didn't want to hear, or couldn't hear because your head is either up your ass---or Obama's.

This class warfare shit has to STOP.

We need JOBS, PAYCHECKS and a FIX IT attitude, from the POTUS on down to the lowest janitor and gardener.

She doesn't get it. Probably never will.

Well done, Barry. You've snowed another.

This one is a great mouthpiece for you in Philly.

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