NY-11 special election date is set


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Nov 21, 2013
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New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (Democratic) has called a Tuesday 5 May 2015 special election to fill the vacant U.S. House CD 11 seat of former Congressman Michael G. "Mike" Grimm (Republican). The Congressman resigned on 5 January 2015 after pleading guilty to Federal Tax Evasion. Nominees for the Special Election are selected by the parties in each affected county. There is no primary.

This District is Staaten Island and parts of Brooklyn. This is the most Conservative district in the NYC area. It used to be all of Brooklyn. Prior to 2013, this district used to be called the 13th district.

In Presidential elections, it is a pretty swingy district:

New York s 11th congressional district - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

Republican Michael Grimm was the first GOPer to win this area of NY since 1944.

Special elections are always interesting beasts and really say nothing about the overall political climate of the Union. Turnout for special elections is historically very low. Wait and see.

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