NPR: Your Tax Dollars Fund Liberal Propaganda


Mar 27, 2010
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I'm sorry, I need some help here. The article was about a show on NPR, and the writer thought the show was pro-right, or at least not as leftist as he wanted it to be? I'm having difficulty connecting the dots between the article and my tax dollars funding liberal propaganda.



Good example here:

Christopher Donovan: Mark Potok and Terry Gross: Two Well-Funded Jewish Supremacists Discuss ‘Extremism’ The Occidental Observer Blog

To NPR, conservative anger over Obamacare is "crazy", but those who support it are perfectly sane.
If you don't feel "pre existing conditions" for children or tax credits or parents being able to put their children on their insurance is right because they are also paying the cost of school, then fine. If you feel protecting insurance companies are what's best for America, that's ok. If you want to protest, fine. but this country is about elections. Democrats won because of Republican incompetency. Two wars unpaid for. A money party for the rich. Letting the greatest mass murderer in American history go. A "gift" to the drug companies that some say will cost up to 7 trillion.

What the left doesn't like is threats to families. Suggesting the president is in some way similar to Hitler. Using the N word. Calling out "faggot". Violence. Vandalism.

What the right needs to do is come up with better policies. Ideas. And then organize. Get people out to vote.

I can tell you right now. Threats and intimidation aren't going to work. Terrorizing the American public will only cause them to take a stand. A stand Republicans are going to like even less.
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