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Noaa .55c for August


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Mar 16, 2010
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Well the noaa report came in...Yes the one that doesn't include about 80 percent of antarctic or 20 percent of the arctic. Has came in with .55c for August, Which is the second HOTTEST Northern Hemisphere land surface temperature for August. It was the nina that holded it down as the oceans were 12th. That is to be expected. The UAH still come in much higher with much better ocean coverage.

Some info given by the noaa
The August worldwide land surface temperature was 0.84°C (1.51°F) above the 20th century average of 13.8°C (56.9°F)—the second warmest August on record, behind 1998.

The worldwide ocean surface temperature was 0.44°C (0.79°F) above the 20th century average of 16.4°C (61.4°F), making this the 12th warmest August on record.

Now lets compare giss, noaa, and uah!

Comparing the giss on the 1971-2000 baseline it only comes in at .45c or .30c within a 1979-2010 baseline compared to .33c UAH. The giss if anything is colder then the satellite and the noaa...When you honestly compare them on the same baseline. Maybe it see's how cold the oceans are during the nina better, but I wouldn't count on it. I wish like hell the UAH could be adjusted to the same baseline, but I'm pretty freaking sure based on its comparison to the giss it is close with the noaa.

Here is the giss for August set to 1971-2000

Here the the anomaly map from the noaa.

Supports everything on both charts...

Below is the August 15th to Sept 15th. The general set up is near the same...WARM ANTARCTICA, WARM ARCTIC, Cold spot over western russia!!!! This backs it. YES THE NOAA, GISS, UAH are looking at Anomalies, which are what the bottom map on the below map shows.(For people that don't understand it is the bottom one, not the temperature one one top!) AND NO IT WON"T MATCH UP PERFECTLY AS IT is mid month to mid month and not first of the month to end of it.

Here is the post I made for the GISS...Remember its baseline is 1951-1980, so the one I'm comparing above to the noaa is the noaa baseline of 1971-2000 on both.
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Oct 31, 2008
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Whole point being is that considering that it looks like a double La Nina year, with considerable aerosols from India and China, and a low TSI for at least the first half of the year, things are a lot warmer than they should be.

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