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NH Fund Raising Results the Last Two Quarters

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Dr. House slayer
Jul 4, 2008
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According to a Globe analysis of filings with the Federal Election Commission, Obama has raised $227,600 from 700 New Hampshire donors in the past two fund-raising quarters, which ended Sept. 30.

The Democrat has raised more money in New Hampshire than any of his Republican rivals – though former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney comes close. Obama also has just slightly fewer donors alone than all of his potential Republican rivals combined.

Romney raised $216,800 in the state, from 265 donors.

By far, the next most prolific New Hampshire fund-raiser was Representative Ron Paul of Texas, who raised $82,500 ... His money came from 354 donors, with an average donation of just $233.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who only joined the race in August, raised $33,500 from 36 donors.

Businessman Herman Cain, whose popularity has been growing recently, took in $18,300 from 32 donors.

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