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May 1, 2012
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We need a thread on this...

Will Banning Muslim Migration Ruin the Anti-ISIS Coalition?

We don’t need to become ISIS to fight ISIS.

January 19, 2016
Daniel Greenfield

The most common attack on proposals to end Muslim migration to the United States is that this policy would somehow interfere with the coalition to fight ISIS.

Lindsey Graham asked, “How do you go to any of these countries and build a coalition when your policy is simply because you’re a Muslim you can’t come to America?”
“This policy is a policy that makes it impossible to build the coalition necessary to take out ISIS," Jeb Bush objected.

The White House agreed, “We have an over-60-country coalition fighting with a substantial number of Muslim-majority fighters who are absolutely essential to succeeding in that effort.”

But there are two things wrong with this argument.

First, no Muslim country or faction is fighting ISIS because they like us. They’re not doing us any favors. They’re protecting themselves from the Islamic State.

The insistence of ISIS that it is the supreme authority over all Muslims has even led it into battles with Al Qaeda and the Taliban. No one fighting ISIS is doing it because of our immigration policy. Jeb Bush referenced the Kurds. The Kurds want their own homeland. Those who want to come to America don’t want to fight ISIS. Those who want to fight ISIS aren’t looking to move to Dearborn or Jersey City.

Second, Muslim countries in the anti-ISIS coalition have much harsher immigration policies for Christians than anything that Donald Trump or Ted Cruz have proposed for Muslims.

When Obama gave his speech, the first Muslim country he mentioned in the coalition was Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia bans all religions except Islam. No churches are allowed in Saudi Arabia. Christmas parties are targeted with police raids. Converting to Christianity is punishable by death. Non-Muslims are entirely banned from some Saudi cities and the legal system discriminates against them.

Saudi Arabia also engages in blatant racial discrimination and denies basic civil rights to women. And yet there are no problems with having Saudi Arabia in the anti-ISIS coalition. Certainly the Saudis don’t worry that we’ll drop out of the coalition because they ban Christianity.

Other Muslim anti-ISIS coalition members include Turkey, whose leader threatened to ethnically cleanse Armenians, Egypt, where discrimination against Christians has led to government persecution, the UAE and Qatar, where churches are not allowed to display crosses, and Somalia, which banned Christmas.

Saudi Arabia’s Islamic justice system is often indistinguishable from ISIS. Turkey and Qatar’s governments have ties to Al Qaeda. Both also have alleged ties to ISIS.
And they are the core of Obama’s Muslim anti-ISIS coalition members.

Why exactly does the United States have to worry about meeting their standards for accommodating Muslims, when they have no interest in meeting our standards for the treatment of Christians?


We can best fight ISIS by being a free nation. There is no use in defeating ISIS just to become ISIS. That will not prevent us from joining coalitions of shared interests with anyone else, but it will stop us from trying to find shared values with Islamic tyrannies of the axe, burka and sword. A ban on Muslim migration will allow us to fight ISIS abroad instead of fighting ISIS and becoming ISIS at home.

Will Banning Muslim Migration Ruin the Anti-ISIS Coalition?


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Sep 30, 2011
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Ok. First of all you (general) can't say you can't come in because you're Muslim. In the middle of this larger immigration issue what you (general) really just said is but we will take everyone else. So, is that what was meant? No. So, why even let someone take you there? That is exactly where people are being led. We're going to have people focus on this little thing right here and they won't worry about all of that stuff over there.

We have had Muslims in this country since before it's inception. We have Muslims that came here before civil war in Lebanon or Iraq to escape oppression. They don't want to recreate the same situation. They aren't looking for Sharia law.

We have an unprecedented amount of homeless people in our country. We have a lack of good paying jobs. These folks are not pets. They are human beings that have seen more carnage in one day then most of the people in the US will witness in their entire lifetimes.

If the citizens of the US put as much energy into pushing for mental health care or jobs as they did into self righteous propaganda then they might have a case. Neither the left nor the right has chosen to do that. Partisanship matters more than addressing issues. Pointing fingers at each other is more important than getting shit done.


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Dec 30, 2015
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Good for Trump but that is enough. Bring a wall over Mexico and Military will forces and at last capitalism rule again in US after eight year with Obama, democration with Obama and Hillary and Bernie.

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