Mr. Patience


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Oct 16, 2017
This guy blows my mind. In the process of repairing things he seems to cover every reasonable base, in excruciating detail and ever so delicately. It never works at first, nor second,.. but he invariably improves what any normal person would have already junked by then and marches on seemingly undaunted,.. then he totally wins in the end. Every time. It's literally painful.. but one can't help thinking, "Well, maybe it was worth all that!"

I don't repair anything but my own stuff...but I don't think I've ever removed a small engine carb without installing a rebuild kit...which includes a new float and needle.

I liked his jet cleaning tool.

My initial guess was a little ball of rtv was holding the needle up.
Good points. I've gotten into the habit of just switching out whole carbs which often doesn't work either. If they sell you one bad one, they'll sell you ten more the exact same. Yeah, that jet cleaning set was awesome. He had me sold on RTV being the main culprit as well.. right up until it clearly wasn't.

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