Moscow MarJe discovers where her ancestors come from

Tommy Tainant

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Jan 20, 2016
Y Cae Ras

I was struck by photos of the neanserthal woman found in Iraq recently. They appear to show a direct line from the aincient world to the white conservative neandrthal from Georgia. There is a clear similarity in the jawline , the mouth. Also the ridge over the eyes and the vacant smile. The skull is an exaxt facsimile of what Marje would look like.

But this is not the story.

THe key story here is that Marje and her family are clearly immigrants. How did they get to the US ? I think we should be told. Did they come legally or are they illegals ?

Given her record of doing nothing and general disruption I would suggest that she came via Manchuria and represents a district of Moscow that doesnt usually have representatives in Washington.

There is a case for kicking her out. She is literally taking an Americans job.


Neanderthal Woman


Neanderthal Woman

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