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Apr 11, 2006
Have you seen any American television lately?
It seems that they are choosing story lines simply by price.
The same goes for the director, actors and support personnel.
The bottom line sells and the bottom line in American television is getting lower every day.
The three major networks used to be respected names in radio and television. In this year of 2006 I suggest a reality check for those same names :
ABC - A Bunch of Claptrap
NBC - ‘Nother Bunch of Claptrap
CBS - Claptrap Baloney Snowjob
The corporations themselves have been absorbed by entertainment and manufacturing corporations. We no longer get information critical of the other companies that own these companies.
Here is an example of the type of ‘entertainment’ being peddled by NBC :
“The Waist Deep DVD brings you into the violent streets of South Central Los Angeles. The violence in the Waist Deep DVD starts as ex-con/security guard O2 (Tyrese Gibson) gets car-jacked while his son is sleeping in the backseat. As the car jacker and now kidnapper holds the child for ransom, O2 has only 48 hours to come up with one hundred thousand dollars. With the help of his new found love Coco (Meagan Good), they hatch a plan to rob banks and take down gang leader, Meat (The Game). In the Waist Deep movie, the action never stops as it rolls through the gritty streets of South Central.”
I think a better title would be ‘Waste Deep’ - how about you?
Why is this in the health forum? Anyway, yeah, few networks turn out anything good anymore, but I prefer Limbaugh's pet names for them.

Yeah I was listening to the President Bush speak last night and if I were him I'd give them all reporters a warning that the next snide remark gets you banned and the company you represent banned from any future new conferences. The media once had respect for our leaders no matter personal feelings. About the mighty dollar and grabbing shit off the lines is just that. There isn't any high dollar payment for a good story these days, but as Don Henley sang a long time ago Dirty Laundry is the ticket. I tried to watch the BBC but even that has it's opinions. Personally we the American people should boycott all media outlets, newspapers, radio (all forms), TV and internet(blogs included) until the media gets it right and stops this crap. If enough Americans did that it would show that the people have spoken and they want the truths or don't say it at all. Screw ratings, screw the media and enough propaganda on all sides and issues

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