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Media's Coverage of 2012 Presidential Elections

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Sep 27, 2010
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Where ever I go, there I am.
It's the same thing time and time again.

The media picks who it wants to run and ignores the rest of the race.

It will be obama vs mitt, perry or bachmann. no one else has 4 tv stations covering them non-stop.

And from the current looks of it, the media wants it to be perry or bachmann. Thier god squad stance is easy meat for the god haters to suck up and spew back.


No Soup For You!
Jul 17, 2011
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What do you guys think of the coverage so far? I think the media is ignoring Ron Paul.

Interesting article dives into that:

The Mainstream Media, Presidential Aspirants and Looks: Politics in the Age of Image, a Troubling Trend | CY Interview

It's clear that the media have picked their choices and it seems to be Bachman and Perry respectively. The question that truly needs to be asked is WHY does the media pick certain candidates over others?

They are being told to do so. Today's media is nothing less than propaganda of the same ilk of that during Nazi Germany, but only greater. In fact it's the biggest propaganda machine in world history. It's quite clear that Ron Paul is scaring the hell out of those who control our media, so it continuously ignores him or calls him a nut.

The mainstream media is controlled by the shadow government that controls our politicians. There true goal is the dismantling of the U.S. Constitution to help them with their efforts in bringing about world government. America poses a problem for them because we have a bill of rights unlike any other nation, and American citizens will stand up and fight for those rights.

So the only way they can bring this to fruition is by buying our politicians and through swaying our opinions through it's propaganda arm the mainstream media. When you see the media constantly hyping a politician than you know that politician is pro establishment, and only a puppet to do their bidding.

Their is NO choice really between the right or left. They use both sides equally, and they know that if we think we have a choice than we are satisfied and think we are doing our patriotic duty. But in the end the puppet President is on their payroll and complies with their wishes. The proof of this is that we are fighting over the same issues today as we were 60 years ago. Nothing gets done for us unless it just happens to be helping the establishment too.

Ron Paul though ignored by media continues to move up with his message. The people of America are supporting him like never before. If he were not ignored by the media than Ron Paul would be unstoppable.

Ron Paul 2012
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