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  • TWO THUMBS ,,there are small lies big lies and DAMN lies The republicans with gwb are guilty of the damn lies the killing injuring lies and the rest of the party of nothing sit on their hands hoping for america to burn so they can say we told you so ,,, 292000 jobs added remember the gwb's days of MINUS 800000?
    Two Thumbs
    Two Thumbs
    if you wanna troll me, man the fuck up and do it publicly, so I can demand a link to all the death from globull warming and when you fail I get to ridicule you for being a retard.
    no I have no reason to troll someone with a closed mind never again
    We spent more on infrastructure in 1990 then we do today...How is it causing our debt? We spent more on science under Reagan,,,so blaming things that make this country powerful is just plain unfounded. Look at ssi, healthcare, wars, and wall street bail-outs to explain it.
    you must have been thinking of the fortune we spent on "Star Wars". Ya...THAT was money well spent...not.
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