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  • When I first joind this forum I posted a thread asking if anyone did Second Life. I just now discovered your reply indicating you've been on Second Life since 2006 and were very active and successful!

    So, are you still active on Second Life? I wish I'd seen your reply back then (July 2011!!) but I barely knew what I was doing on the forum at that time. : )

    Actually, are you active on this forum any more? I hope you see this message.
    You red me because I disagree with your idiot friend Rimjob. He's a FUCKING moron. Just sayin'.
    Thank you :) For Fun's Sake.... Sometimes I make comments that may be difficult for others to determine my intended irony. :)
    Hi my name is Stashman and I am a strict constitutionalists. I align myself with NO major party because there is no difference between them. They are tools for those seeking world government. I live in the beautiful Ozark mountains in NW Arkansas.
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