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Mar 25, 2004
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On Tuesday, January 23, President Bush delivered his 2007 State of the Union Address. While there were some things in the speech that were, on the whole, good, on most matters the President continued to show no appreciation for the concept of limited (particularly federal) government, and he continues to conflate the ideas of national defense and security with his stubborn continuation of his Administration’s tragic war of choice in Iraq.

Except for about 50-75% of the comments on Iraq, I mostly agree with this guy. In all honesty, if the Libertarians would become more vocal and tone down their isolationist view to worldwide conflict, I think we could see a viable third party overthrow the Republicrat beauracracy that's been in place for over 100 years.

Seriously, the Republicans gained power in 1994 by promising smaller government. They lost it by breaking that promise. The public is dissillusioned because they see no end to the idiotic beauracracy that spends all of their money on crap (sometimes literally). If the Libertarians would step forward and take charge, I'd probably vote for them.

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