Let Trump clean the FBI stables

Apr 18, 2018
Every community has people which know exactly what fits others best. Most of them are the people who’re sure they know. But you know what? I have to say, that democracy is about the right of anyone to speak and to be heard. It’s about the right of many to make choice by their own. But nobody cares. High-ranked Democrats and their supporters in White House still cannot reconcile with epic failure after they have tried to appoint (literally!) Clinton the President. Well, okay, it seems we should simply deal with the fact that politics is crooked. But why the heck the FBI has got into politics?
Sounds incredible, but it looks like the FBI officials have forgotten about what their obligations are. Hey there! What you serve is neither parties nor individuals nor any of your obsessions. The FBI serves the people. The FBI serves the nation. The FBI serves America. The federal agent is to be honest and pure to chase and punish the unrighteous. And what do we see now when it’s impossible to dismiss the “FBI-gate”?
It’s totally obvious that Strzok’s case is just a tip of the iceberg. First he lets Clinton evade the jail. Then her election concurrent finds himself encircled and under fire while the government initiates surveillance of him – TOTALLY ILLEGAL, based on a CONTRACT INVESTIGATION paid by DEMOCRATS. Moreover, the FBI has paid TO THE PRIVATE DETECTIVE from the budget funds too! Oookaaaay. Would you please tell me, if there were any kind of governmental surveillance of Mrs.Clinton? Has anybody investigated her case at all? Was there any Congress investigation on any accusation against the Clinton Family? Hmm, hard to remember. Looks like the FBI were too busy seeking the KOMPROMAT about the Reps candidate.
But, nevertheless, Trump has become President. Well, there are too many people in the US, who are not glad with it, but, as the matter of fact, he was elected by free will of free people. So where does all this Clinton-style moaning come from? Almost every mainstream media has slung mud at Trump. Almost every pop star has spoken out against Trump. And then you tell us a story about two hundred bucks worth Facebook ads from mythical Russians, that have simply overthrown the public opinion so Trump became the President elected?

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