Less people are dining out

This is not surprising as food prices are incredibly high. I eat at home most of the time.

Food prices is only half of it, or maybe even less than that.
The real problem is restaurants since 2021 have had a nightmare of a time hiring and keeping employees.
When you can make more money on all of the social benefits than a job - why work?
My half sister, ugh, has had 5 kids by 4 men.
Only one of those 4 men had a job when she hooked up with them. None pay child support because they all are either unemployed or disappeared.
She gets roughly $35k in total benefits from the government - including 100% paid healthcare with no deductible.
She has better health insurance than anyone on this forum. By far.
Her rent is $80/mo. The rest is subsidized by you and me.
Her utilities are dramatically reduced. The rest is subsidized by you and me.
She gets free internet and a free smart phone.
So you may say - well try raising 5 kids with $35k!! - Not difficult when you basically have free housing, free utilities.
This woman is a professional bum. She has gotten so many government programs it is unreal.

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