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The Purge

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Aug 16, 2018
The following is a compilation from many different sources...together it makes interesting and compelling is very long so Mods I put it here please move it if you feel better about it


KIM.COM discusses Seth Rich, WikiLeaks, Mueller not even replying to KIM.COM's letter to Mueller, and to how this fits in with the Russia investigation by Mueller.

Kimdotcom released a statement:


I KNOW THAT SETCH RICH WAS INVOLVED IN THE DNC LEAK.I know this because in late 2014 a person contacted me about helping me to start a branch of the Internet Party in the United States. He called himself Panda. I now know that Panda was Seth Rich.Panda advised me that he was working on voter analytics tools and other technologies that the Internet Party may find helpful.I communicated with Panda on a number of topics including corruption and the influence of corporate money in politics.“He wanted to change that from the inside.”I was referring to what I knew when I did an interview with Bloomberg in New Zealand in May 2015. In that interview I hinted that Julian Assange and Wikileaks would release information about Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election.The Rich family has reached out to me to ask that I be sensitive to their loss in my public comments. That request is entirely reasonable.I have consulted with my lawyers. I accept that my full statement should be provided to the authorities and I am prepared to do that so that there can be a full investigation. My lawyers will speak with the authorities regarding the proper process.If my evidence is required to be given in the United States I would be prepared to do so if appropriate arrangements are made. I would need a guarantee from Special Counsel Mueller, on behalf of the United States, of safe passage from New Zealand to the United States and back. In the coming days we will be communicating with the appropriate authorities to make the necessary arrangements. In the meantime, I will make no further comment.

So the motive has been established for why Seth Rich was contacting Kim Dot Com. And the motive for Seth Rich leaking the internal emails has been established. Seems like the US should be interested in the hard core evidence involving the murder of a political operative within DC

Oh [___]. Kimdotcom was definitely being surveiled under FISA. He’s a foreign national and of interest. Panda (Seth) was likely one of the Americans who were unmasked, since he was communicating with Kimdotcom.

CrowdStrike is the company (headed by a Ukrainian national) that inspected the DNC servers. No member of law enforcement (FBI etc) was allowed to inspect the servers. Instead, CrowdStrike prepared a report that's been the sole basis for the "Russians hacked the DNC" story.

In this exchange, reference is made to Panda. We now know that "Panda" was a frequent nickname of Seth Rich. He would cheer up co-workers dressing as a Panda. He used "Panda" in several email accounts (Pandas4Progress was one of many).

Comey testifies that only CrowdStrike verified that “Russians hacked the DNC”:....Now this YouTube has been pulled down....hmmmmm!

Verification Seth used “Panda” as a pseudonym:

2016 January — Seth Rich creates Pandas4Bernie Twitter, tumblr and FB page

Seth’s social media accounts (Confirmed) Reddit- MeGrimlock4 (Confirmed) Twitter/Instagram- Panda4Progress (Suspected) Reddit- Pandas4Bernie (Suspected) Twitter- Pandas4Bernie (Suspected) Tumblr- Pandas4Bernie2016 I hope we can get it all cataloged. If a quarter million reward doesn’t prompt a snitch, they were professional.


THIS is why the DemonRATS will stop at NOTHING to ensure the Seth Rich murder case NOT be investigated!!!!

A few posts written by Seth Rich. Note: The exposure of the DNC emails came right before the convention and led to the DNC outsing DWS as their leader.

Here’s what Seth wrote using the Panda pseudonym:

I voted for Bernie to build a movement for political and economic justice. To tax the rich because the rich have stolen from us. To take control of our government because they control us.

There is literally zero reason to believe Hillary Clinton will meet any of these demands. If the people stop demanding it. We can stop Trump without swearing our fealty to the one who betrayed us. We’re taking this to the Convention. We are not backing down.

Pandas 4 Revolution on Twitter

Look at this interview with the family.

Note the stuffed animal in front of Seth’s mother....

Dmitri Alperovitch is a computer security industry executive. He is co-founder and chief technology officer of CrowdStrike. In August 2011, as vice president of threat research at McAfee, he published Operation Shady RAT, a report on suspected Chinese intrusions into at least 72 organizations, including defense contractors, businesses worldwide, the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee.[1]

Dmitri Alperovitch - Wikipedia

Blaming Russia for the hack allowed the DNC to avoid the shame of their own head of IT ‘hacking’ them, but also avoid questions about how Seth died.

Bears in the Midst: Intrusion into the Democratic National Committee

June 15, 2016
Dmitri Alperovitch
From The Front Lines

Intrusion Into The Democratic National Committee

Bears in the Midst: Intrusion into the Democratic National Committee »

Fancy Bear. Cozy Bear.

But this tweet references Panda - who we now know was Seth Rich.

Can the Special Prosecutor subpoena the DNC servers? Will he? Do they still exist? I doubt it.

Why are no ‘ leading Republicans’ questioning the legitimacy of the CrowdStrike report? We just hear ‘17 intelligence agencies agree.’

That’s the entire basis of the “Russians hacked the election” conspiracy theory.

If Seth was the real source of the leaks think of the implications:

1. It blows away the media narrative that the Russians did it;

2. It calls into question every politician and intelligence agency head that agreed to go along with the lie; and

3. It creates a serious motive for DNC operatives to murder Seth Rich as well as HRC’s team in what could be the largest scandal in American political history.

Stakes high?

You bet!

No member of law enforcement (FBI etc) was allowed to inspect the servers. Instead, CrowdStrike prepared a report...

This fact alone taints the entire investigation. Since when does the FBI outsource a criminal investigation to someone paid by one of the parties being investigated.

The coincidences in all this is all just too coincidental. The circumstantial evidence that Seth Rich was the leaker outweighs the evidence of a Trump/Russian connection by about a 100 to 1. Yet the msm will not even look at it?

WIRED story on the hacking and CrowdStrike:

DNC hack: how Crowdstrike found proof Russia hacked DNC | WIRED UK

Story on the CIA mimicking of Russian hackers:

Wikileaks #Vault7 - CIA Can Mimic Russian Hackers Using 'Stolen' Malware

4 deaths in less than 45 days. Was this BEFORE the DNC Convention of 2016?


2015 September — Josh Uretsky joins Bernie campaign as national data director, recommended by Seth Rich (according to Sanders in a Dec 2015 interview). October 2015 — Clinton Email Testimony December 2015 — /u/stonetear is given the project of creating weekly reports of emails being sent or received over a certain size; again goes to Reddit.

That’s from the Wikileaks summary page /crowd sourced.

If you remember, Bernie was blasted by the DNC, Hillary, media for accessing files at the DNC. This was done by Seth’s buddy who was then fired.

Yet another strong MOTIVE for Seth to leak.

He had access as head of IT for the DNC.

He had motive - he was a Bernie supporter and the DNC was fixing things against Bernie. His friend he recommended for a job just was fired and nationally disgraced for accessing DNC files Bernie was supposed to be approved to access. Small world of politics, that guy was out of a job and possibly career.

Now we see CrowdStrike refer to “Panda” as the hacker, a name frequently used by Seth.

I hope the Special Counsel investigating the Russians directs his attention the DNC servers and finds out what took place.

The DNC refused to hand over the servers because they’d be waiving all rights.

Basic 4th Amendment law — not a ‘seizure’ requiring a warrant if the perp hands you the evidence.

No telling what other emails are on there and there’s certainly a possibility the DNC fixing the election was an illegality... CNN sharing questions for Hillary might have been a FCC violation.

DNC also wanted to control the narrative. Hire their own guys and tell them what to say to have the maximum political benefit

It will become plain as day with conclusive evidence in abundance that Set Rich was murdered by agents of the DNC and Hillary Clinton but nothing will follow. A Great Political Party must not be damaged. It would be too traumatic for the American People. We have seen this movie before and it will be remade with a different set of characters again in the future.

EXCLUSIVE: Cybersecurity experts who were first to conclude that Putin hacked presidential election ABANDON some of their claims against Russia - and refuse to co-operate with Congress

By Alana Goodman For
05 Apr 2017


But now the first expert company to make a link between the DNC hacks and the Kremlin is facing a damaging series of questions over its credibility, can disclose.

Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has had to retract portions of a report supporting its allegations of Russian cyberattacks – and is also refusing to address Congress about its findings on Moscow’s election hacking.

CrowdStrike was hired by the Democratic National Committee to investigate suspicious network activity last May. In June it declared that the committee had been hacked by the Russian government, starting a firestorm over the campaign.

CrowdStrike, based in Irvine, California, is also the only group that the DNC allowed to directly examine its servers.

Not even the FBI has been granted access to the servers.

U.S. agencies have instead relied on CrowdStrike’s work. There is no other known forensic evidence which has been publicly disclosed to link the Kremlin to the attacks, including in a series of intelligence community statements and reports.

But now questions are emerging about the reliability of the company’s findings. can disclose that in March CrowdStrike quietly retracted portions of a December report that had made further Russian hacking claims, after the firm was found to have relied on inaccurate data posted online by a pro-Putin ‘propaganda’ blogger.

The errors prompted both the Ukrainian military and a prominent British think tank to issue public statements disputing CrowdStrike’s data.

The errors, and retraction, surrounded a report in December which claimed that Fancy Bear, the same Russian hackers it said were behind the DNC attacks, were working on behalf of Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU.

CrowdStrike said it found evidence that Fancy Bear had also hacked into Ukrainian military technology using the same software it used to infiltrate the DNC.

According to the report, the hackers were targeting an app used by Ukrainian soldiers to improve the efficiency of ther 122mm howitzers. The hack resulted in Ukraine losing 80 percent of these weapons in its ongoing low-level battle with Russian forces in the east of the country, the report said.

The report received widespread attention, including from NBC News, Foreign Policy, and The Guardian.

Alperovitch used an interview with the Washington Post to push the report and said: ‘The fact that [these hackers] would be tracking and helping the Russian military kill Ukrainian army personnel in eastern Ukraine and also intervening in the U.S. election is quite chilling.

And Donna Brazile, the interim chairman of the DNC who had been revealed by the leaked emails to have given CNN’s debate questions in advance to Hillary Clinton, and who then lied about it, highlighted the CrowdStrike report on Twitter, saying: ‘Cybersecurity firm finds a link between DNC hack and Ukrainian artillery’

But questions about the report quickly emerged. The Ukrainian military posted a public statement disputing the claim that it was the victim of hackers and denying that it had lost such a large number of howitzers.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies – which CrowdStrike cited as the source of its claim that 80 percent of Ukraine’s howitzers had been taken out, told the VOA that this number was inaccurate. It said the actual percentage of howitzer losses was closer to 15 to 20 percent.

It was soon discovered that CrowdStrike had not obtained this number from IISS directly, and instead relied on post published by a pro-Russian website called The Saker.

The Saker article was written by Russian blogger who goes by the name ‘Colonel Cassad’ and calls himself the ‘bullhorn of totalitarian propaganda,’ according to Voice of America.

Last month CrowdStrike quietly dropped the key claim of an 80 per cent loss, adding a short statement above the initial blogpost to say the report had been ‘amended’ and due to ‘an update’ from the IISS about the howitzer numbers.

Link: Redirect Notice

Crowdstrike mentions PANDA as the hacker
Kim Dotcom becoming a hero to the right is one of the funniest results of the obese mafioso’s election win.
How does Mueller miss this?

What makes you think he missed it? I'm sure Mueller is aware of this as well as a vast number of other crazy conspiracy theories.
Yeah - dirty cops always get each other's backs.
Mueller was appointed by Rosenstein to do one job, otherwise
we'll see what plays out with the Obama DOJ which is now under investigation.

Here is the way they attempt to frame the narrative;
Inside the Crazy Cabal Trying to Smear Robert Mueller
At the center of the scheme is publicity-hungry Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman, who has repeatedly dabbled in internet conspiracy theories in the past, including promoting the idea that murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was killed by deep-state government operatives.

Burkman denied involvement in any attempt to pay people to frame or accuse Mueller. But he also claims that he has witnesses who will expose the Special Counsel as a sexual harasser and has scheduled a Thursday press conference in Northern Virginia to introduce his first accuser.

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