Juror Dismissed After Admitting That She's Bias

Juror Dismissed After Admitting That She's Bias​

Of course they all do... which is why this is so completely unbelievable that its being done to a former president...
The trial should be moved and the judge should recuse himself...
According to Merchan, "We have a jury" at close of the day. He released the remaining jurors with instructions to return on Friday for alternate juror selection.
She could do the world a great service if she identified others of her persuasion. Might prove it’s just impossible for fair mindedness
If she reveals how many other jurors are thinking like she did but won’t reveal themselves then the witch hunt has proof positive that impartiality is unavailable
This is hands down the worst exhibition of a political trial since Stalin. I hope the Supreme Court steps in. Actually, this judge needs to be removed from the bench.

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