June is “Pride” month

I have zero problems with homosexuals. I have problems with woke Marxists.

A month for pervs.

In addition to dozens of special days for the special people the rest of the year.

'Look at ussssss, we're special'.
The + in LGBTQ+ is for pedos

Democrat dudes use pride events as an excuse to expose their genitals to children
As Jewish history month rolls to a close, Pride Month is rapidly approaching.

Why do I feel like it’s always Pride month?

Can it also be jackass month too.

The lefties on this board can get together and march in parade all wearing the proud symbol of the democratic party.
So many temper tantrums.

It has no impact on my life or your life whatsoever. Yet you allow it to bother you this much, and for an entire month.

Very sad.
The Marxists cannot tolerate difference of opinion. Like children stomping their feet in a temper tantrum.

I did a little looking and found there was a "straight pride" parade.

Sounds like the Straight parade was a counterprotest parade.

No issues or clashes.

Love to see some photos

On the one hand you probably have guys with beer bellies and shorts. On the other, you have men with dildo's glued to their bodies (Crepitis' boyfriend).

Several comments.....like bring that to Phoenix...I'll march in it.

Maybe June will also be straight month ?
As Pride month approaches and we all get ready to show our appreciation for these fruitcakes, I think it’s important to pay homage to the FIRST President in history to enter office supporting homosexual marriage.



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