Joe Biden spars with reporter who asked about Hunter’s paternity suit...grandpa gotta deny DNA?

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Aug 16, 2018
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Joe Biden shut down a reporter for asking what he called a “classless” question about his son Hunter allegedly fathering a child with a woman in Arkansas.

The Democratic presidential hopeful was asked Thursday about a DNA test that, according to court papers, confirmed Hunter is the father of a 15-month-old child.


“I’m wondering if you have a comment on this report, and court filing, out of Arkansas that your son Hunter just made you a grandfather again,” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked at a press conference.

Biden, 77, quickly halted the line of questioning, snapping, “No, that’s a private matter and I have no comment.”

“Only you would ask that,” he added, pointing at Doocy.

“You’re a good man … Classy,” Biden said with a wry smile.

Hunter, 49, has denied having sex with Roberts.

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