Jimmie "JJ" Walker Gives His Views on Imus


I have some of his standup on tape and he's a very moderate political commentator in his comedy. He tells it like it is most the time; but, then again, most comedians do. I'd say he's right about on with this one. Don should have had just the two week suspension and it could have been over... to act as if Don's off-the-cuff words were anything better or worse than we should expect from him is ludicrous. And, to imagine that he was doing something overtly racist in his simple little mind is just downright stupid.
It is a shame only a few select folk could read this or hear what he had to say. Another thing is JJ is from a different era and even though he grew up in the race riots and has seen change it is interesting his views on this subject. I guess looking clearly at what is in front of us this whole shock jock deal was just that a open policy to run off the mouth. I mentioned before this was also a political move and that it was. Will it clean up the music of a less appreciative generation? I doubt it and it was like JJ said it was about shock and then came the awe:eusa_doh:

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