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"It's Foreign Policy, Stupid"


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Nov 22, 2003
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2008 issue, for sure:


It's Foreign Policy, Stupid
By Daniel McGroarty

As John Edwards shovels muck alongside the "have-nots" of New Orleans' 9th Ward to make Hurricane Katrina a campaign issue, world events conspire to set a different agenda for the presidential race of 2008.

Call it the "other global warming": The steady simmer of foreign policy conflicts that threaten to boil over into full-blown crises.

To paraphrase the 1992 Carvillian mantra that kept candidate Bill Clinton focused on the issues that would win him the White House, in 2008 the war-room white-board may well read: "It's foreign policy, stupid."

Here are three countries and three questions at the periphery of public debate today that could come to command attention in the run for 2008. And we're not talking about Iraq, Iran or North Korea.


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