Israel's War Against Hamas - Updates

How did this stuff if ignite if there was only 34kg of precision guided munitions that landed 1.7km away?
Yes; my sentiment exactly. What was stored there that was ignited? Hmmm...I'm glad the IDF is investigating. Hamas would blame Jewish Space Lasers!!!


Remember when a Hamas mouthpiece invented a lie that IDF raped Gaza women in Shifa "Hospital", triggering migration of Gazans south? It appears the same thing is happening as a result of the fake massacre in the tent camp in West Rafah. Hamas doing IDF's work in moving the civilians.

Lying is a double-edged sword.
[ Must happen everywhere, in any and all Eastern and Western education]

Saudi Arabia has removed practically all antisemitism and anti-Israel material from its schoolbooks, in a major shift from the past and a harbinger of a better future, a study released Tuesday found.

The study, conducted by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE)—an international research organization—found a “marked reduction” in anti-Israel content in the Saudi curriculum, which no longer teaches that Zionism is a “racist” European movement, nor denies the historical Jewish presence in the region dating back 3,000 years.

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