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Jun 2, 2006
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Islam demands that it's followers defend Islam above all else.

Islam has no tolerance for people of other faiths.

Islam not only allows murder and suicide, it demands it in defense of Islam.

Islam subjugates women. Not 1400 years ago, but today.

Muslims do not worship God (AKA Allah). They worship Islam itself.

There is not a single "rule" in Islam that a Muslim man has to follow if they don't want to.

Muslims are admonished to NOT try to understand the Koran by themselves.

There is no central authority in Islam. Of any flavor.

Unity in Islam is the most important thing, so what the local expert says is gospel and should not be questioned or challenged.

The Koran is the last, literal, true word of God and is the only holy text of any religion that has never been touched by the hand of man.

Any interpretation of the Koran and Hadiths that differs from that of the local expert is heresy and is punishable by death. All he has to do is say so.

Idolatry is forbidden except when it involves copies of the Koran. In that case, disrespect of the Koran is seen as an insult to Islam and death is the punishment.

Apostasy of Islam is punishable by death. Not 1400 years ago, but today.

I won't even bother getting into adultery and stoning. I wouldn't want to be called a racist, after all.

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