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Is Obama Buying the Election With His Welfare Explosion?


Geezer Chick
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Dec 30, 2011
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Under The Sky
What a stupid opinion piece. Really stupid.

First Larry Kudlow suggests that by putting everyone on welfare, Obama will get more votes. Um, no, putting everyone on welfare LOST THE 2008 ELECTION FOR REPUBLICANS.

Then he claims hat since everyone's out of work that means nobody wants to work. For making that claim he should fuck himself. In the eye. With a rusty razor blade.

What he totally avoids mentioning is that elections are traditionally won with money, lots and lots of money. Why else would the Koch brothers, the US"Chamber of Commerce" (not a true civic organization but a multinational superpac), Citizens United, and other shady groups be pumping hundreds of millions into campaign ads?

Just another failed "Oooooh, we poor widdle greedy billionaires are so afraid of being taxed that we can't start any businesses in the US, but then again why should we when we can go overseas and pay workers 50 cents a day and we can beat and rape them to our hearts' delight?" rightwing pile of dung.

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