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Intellectually Stunted Bush-Bashing

Adam's Apple

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Apr 25, 2004
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The Intellectually Stunted Practice of Bush-Bashing
By Frank Salvato, New Media Journal
January 26, 2007

Taking into account the incredible events that George W. Bush has had to contend with during his presidency – not to mention the unimaginable amount of irrational and politically cultivated hatred that has been foisted upon him and a mainstream media that facilitates it – I find it hard to believe that either Al Gore or John Kerry could have done any better, given the exact set of circumstances. In fact, in the shadow of Harry Reid’s cowardly comment that he and his congressional colleagues don’t have a responsibility to engage in crafting a battle plan for victory in Iraq – or any other battlefield in the war against radical Islamist aggression – I would advance the notion that few could have performed as well.

Great statesmen and good politicians are measured by their accomplishments. Their stature is garnered through the advancement of solutions over rhetoric, good government over politics, not in their political longevity or the health of their political parties. Today there are few statesmen left in Washington and each year that number dwindles. We have turned away from electing statesmen like Barry Goldwater, Adlai Stevenson, Zell Miller and Henry Hyde only to saddle ourselves with the jaded political opportunism of Harry Reid, Chuck Hagel, Nancy Pelsoi, Arlen Specter and Dick Durbin.

In the post Cultural Revolution/Social Enlightenment Era in which we find ourselves it would appear that many among us who are unwilling to read beyond the first paragraph believe that their opinion counts for something. As our education system and progressive “it takes a village” culture invents self-esteem for those who haven’t taken the time to earn it, we see a society that, increasingly, values the “free speech” of hollow, destructive rhetoric over any semblance of civility, respect, intellect or honor.

I refuse to abandon the dignity of civil discourse for the blathering of the manufactured outrage utilized by the Bush-bashers. In the end I am adult enough to realize that he is doing what he believes is best for the country. And while I may disagree with his course of action on several issues, he is my president, he is our president, and the office, if not the man, deserves respect.

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