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Increasingly viciously scary May before June: 2 Dominas explained only by 1


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Apr 26, 2014
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Increasingly viciously scary May before June:
The britsh and french Dominas: all predicted and explained only by 1.

Introduction - May 9, 2017
From the Telegraph to Le Monde: suddenly the front page is no longer dominated only by the increasingly viciously scary face of May (Theresa): Domina #2, Macron ("Brigitte") steps on stage.
Yet only one predicted let alone explained that it would be France's first "lady" not the "elected" president who, after May 7, would take the center stage of illuminati media, from France to the UK and beyond.

Reminder from Apr 19:

France: human cattle mocked with Trannies and Pimps before the global kill shot
Why does a tranny play the role "Brigitte, first lady of France, 24 years older than her husband Macron"?
Reading the article exposing the parallel script "Melania v Michelle: transgender ends differently from transvestite: Obama trumped " is all you need.
A hint to start with: the script includes these lines:
- Melania Trump, 24 years younger than her husband
- Melania will be exposed as transsexual who had an operation to change sex while still an illegal resident in the USA.

French elections for dummies:
Macron, same as almost every other actor on stage, is a fake name, meant to sound like pimp (maquereau) for the french audience while the rest associates it with macaroni.
As for what "Le Pen" is supposed to evoke you don't need to know any french.

"Far right nationalist Le Pen" role:
Same as Trump in the USA and Theresa May in the UK: illuminati suicide bomber.
Detail difference: in France the "patriot" isn't elected "head of government" after the "first result".
Reminder of what the "final result" in the UK and USA will be alias when are the suicide bombers scripted to finally lose:
- Theresa May only AFTER "the surprise result in the snap election that she called for".
- "billionaire Trump" only AFTER "Putin flees to Beijing and confesses to have rigged the US election", the moment when he fully detonates albeit not as high as Obama: stripped of his title but not also sentenced to death by SCOTUS, unlike Obama.

Increasingly viciously scary May before June
Theresa, the main actress in this chapter, was already playing the leading role before May 7, when tranny "Brigitte Macron, first lady of France" will also be placed in the spotlight.
The chapter's title is meant as literal parallelism to both the timing (starting with Theresa May's image in May) and the main agenda (repeat UK "election" to "undo Brexit" in June).

Notes - for the introduction from May 9, 2017
Illustraed with snapshots from The Telegraph ( Telegraph )
8 May 2017 - First photo: -> "Brigitte " Trogneux, Mr Macrons former drama teacher, to take centre stage as Frances First Lady
Largest face: May. -> ‘Snap election will give May the ultimate mandate to deliver Brexit’
Later in the same day: --> Meet Brigitte Macron – Frances thoroughly modern first lady

9 May 2017
Only two large photos in centre column: "Brigitte" (largest half body) and May (largest face).
Only photo of Macron: behind his "wife" --> How to channel your inner Madame Macron

Notes - for article from April 19, 2016
Brigitte Macron, first lady of France

Anglais Français
pimp n (prostitution) (argot) maquereau,
Bella's pimp takes a cut of her earnings.
Le maquereau de Bella prend une part de ses revenus.

Increasingly viciously scary May: as for Theresa see photo here ...
... and headlines here

Where the name Trump comes from:
Trump, same as all other billionaires fed to the human cattle, doesn't own any of the jewels of his empire.
Actor playing billionaire named after the verb (to trump) as well as similar nouns: Tramp, Trumpet (Last) and Truman (Show).

Melania Trump from Novo mesto, Slovenia: where line comes from:
Sources range from Michelle Obama (alias parallel chapters in the 1993 BIG BANG script) to Disarm US citizens (alias Newtown as religious symbology for starting and ending cycles).

What is about to become part of the "most bombastic news ever" - All exposed only by Last Prophet - two or rather FOUR examples:
Melania v Michelle: transgender ends differently from transvestite: Obama trumped

April 2017 - Brexit undo miracle: scary clowns make it a success: Theresa May calls election: for dummies

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