1. Litwin

    Thread: What this necrophil wants? "Macron There´d be "a European policy on "russia".. "not a trans

    What this necrophil wants? "Macron There´d be "a European policy on "russia".. "not a transatlantic one" . what putler has on him? a necrophiliac tape? "French ambassador's residence in London, where President Emmanuel Macron's envoy to Russia, veteran French diplomat Pierre Vimont, set out...
  2. deanrd

    Macron and Trump are giving a joint press conference

    Macron said we don’t want Iran to have nuclear weapons in the United States has put a lot of pressure on the process.
  3. Eloy

    French Jews angered at Netanyahu's presence

    Today, the French people are commemorating the roundup of Jews for extermination 75 years ago. This event is known as Vel' d'Hiv Roundup because it was to that cycling track French the majority of Parisian Jews of all ages were taken before transportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau. This year...
  4. L

    Increasingly viciously scary May before June: 2 Dominas explained only by 1

    Increasingly viciously scary May before June: The britsh and french Dominas: all predicted and explained only by 1. Introduction - May 9, 2017 From the Telegraph to Le Monde: suddenly the front page is no longer dominated only by the increasingly viciously scary face of May (Theresa): Domina...
  5. cnelsen

    4chan: proof Macron lied about off shore accounts

    The French election is today, and the Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron is way ahead in all the polls. Just like Hillary, he can't lose. But a financial scandal he and the dirty media have been suppressing is now out in the open. Will it be in time to save France? BREAKING: MACRON BUSTED! Lied...

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