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I went to dril and get off the middle east for our energy needs


Democrat all the way!
Mar 16, 2010
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The Good insane United states of America
I went to drill here and I went to drill there and everywhere on our land. FUCK THE MIDDLE EAST.

I went to drill Anwar
I went to drill off Califorina
I went to drill off of Florida
I went to drill off of Virigina
I went to drill in Montana
I went to drill in Oregon
I went to drill in Washington
I went to drill In the northeast
I went to drill in the gulf of Mexico
I went to drill outside the white house
I went to dril baby, drill baby drill.

I went to move that tar sand and shall into our economy. NOW. Let that sweet crude pump through the vains of this nation and strengthen our economy. Sweet warm soft crude.

O, not just crude or shall or tar, but nuclear too.

I went to build 200 nuclear plants all over this country--- meaning on top of each mountain and next to each lake and river. I went Mr.Burns-- if he was real to run one and get rich as all hell. But most importantly, I went the ceo's and owners of these nuclear plants to get rich and live the American dream. The American dream is to advance and better ones self!!! :eusa_pray:

O crap, I almost forgot about COAL, you can't just forget our biggest electricy provider.
I WENT TO MINE. I went to mine the mountains and stripe mine them. Yes sir we bob.

I went to strip mine for coal and flat top the mountain scape all around. I went to strip mine the east coast mountains and west.

Once we do as I say, we will be free of the middle east and we can build a giant wall across our borders and laugh at the rest of the world.:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

This would be my energy policy to get our nation free of the middle east. Sure, I wouldn't do anything to stop solar and wind, but first things first. Let the muscle of the greatest nation in the history of the world to flex!!!

O SHIT, I almost forgot about the natural gas and the methane within the arctic. Lets go after that too!

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