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I Hear Texas Will Be Turning Blue Soon


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Oct 7, 2019
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So in your view 75mil should shut the fuck up? Is that what you’re saying? Where does it say that majority of votes matter? Who won more states?

You do remind me that 75 million votes do not matter. 81 million votes do not matter. The number of states, do not matter.

Electoral votes matter. At least they mattered to Republicans in 2016.

306 Biden
232 Trump

All that matters, If 38 EVs from Texas go Blue......It will REALLY matter
You’re not answering my question.
That IS the answer to your question
Popular vote does not mean shit. Anyone who celebrated Trumps win in 2016 knows that.

Electoral Votes decide the Presidency.
To get to 270, Republicans need to take back four of.......Arizona,Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Tough to do

If Texas goes BLUE, it is game over
I 100% agree. The country likes going leftist Transocrat, who am I to stop it? One party rule it is. Yay!
It is what it is

If Republicans are turning off voters in once solidly Red States like Arizona, Georgia and now Texas........
You reap what you sow

They need to do something about the erosion of their voter base and blaming the media and stolen elections is not the answer.
What would you do differently? You're asking people to give up their core beliefs. Not very easy. The Democratic Party has gone very far left. So far that they have alienated me even for the most part.

If I were Republicans, I would re-examine my core beliefs.
Fiscal Responsibility does not equate to slashing taxes at every opportunity.
Free trade is a core belief, Tariffs are not
Support a strong defense not global wars
Start to be socially responsible.
Hating gays does not win you friends these days
Alienating minorities does not help in the long run.
Republicans are losing the next generation of voters.

Basically, separate your party from the nutjob extremists
I agree, but Trump actually did better just fine with hispanic males
The Latino vote (theweek.com)

W Bush did great with the Hispanic vote
Republicans have moved away from that
Overt Open Borders GW?

Republicans have lost the Hispanic vote, to go along with the Black and minority vote they have lost for a long time.
They are losing more among women and young voters.

Their old, white, male base is eroding.

Their response to eroding demographics is voter suppression and blaming the media and stolen elections
The gop erred in adopting the McConnell led strategy of holding onto power with a minority. He isn't alone. Norquist openly endorsed it, and the Club for Growth is/was a fellow traveller. Trump found a way to energize some new voters, and took over the gop even with less than 50% of gop primary voters. And their response to losing a national election is "the dems musta cheated." LOL

But the progressives wanting forgiveness for 50K and up in student loans aren't exactly talking to hard working immigrants.
Decades ago students were pushed for Liberal Arts Degrees. it was supposed to open up minds for all ways of thinking for life and work. What a crock of shit! It helped people to become Progressive Socialists. Colleges are to expensive and do not have to be.
Most students major in Business, Healthcare, Education, STEM.
The days of majoring in French Literature are long gone
Not so...many many many go into generic liberal arts and are undecided.

Liberal Arts comes in at #19

19th? Should be 200th as the degree is useless.

Listening to Conservative media, all university degrees are useless.
But claims that students are wasting their education on basket weaving and women’s studies are BS
Only useless if you don't learn a marketable skill

Most do

Even Liberal Arts majors that you despise.
The ones I went to school with had exceptional writing skills. A skill many students in “marketable” majors lack
How does great writing get you a great job? Engineering, finance, accounting, medical....those are marketable skills. I guess if they are journalism majors its fine. I don't despise anything but college costs are high and I feel that students should have a means to repay them when they graduate and a lib arts degree many a time means you're working at Target.
I was an Engineer for 40 years. Most couldn’t write for shit.
Being able to express yourself is a skill
Playing with your Lionel trains in your mom's basement into your 50s is nothing to brag about.

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