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I.D. of the Future?

Adam's Apple

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Apr 25, 2004
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Interesting. What will they think of next?

Fingerprints as Passwords for Grocery Buying, Starting Car
By Chris Cobbs, Orlando Sentinel
August 3, 2006

Pay for the groceries, lock the house, start the car, check in at a doctor's office or log on to a laptop. There's so much the swipe of a fingertip can do.

An evolving digital tool, biometric-fingerprint technology holds the promise of replacing or lessening reliance on everyday necessities such as credit cards, key chains and passwords. It even helps registered travelers get through security at Orlando International Airport.

An evangelist of biometrics, Scott Moody is CEO of AuthenTec, a company that produces sensors that can read a fingerprint.

"Looking ahead, I think the use of this technology could become ubiquitous," he said. "It would just be taken for granted as part of the everyday world."

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