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Hillary Clinton said one thing in public on series of key policies and another to the Wall Street


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Sep 8, 2008
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  • Wikileaks disclosures reveal gap between Clinton's private and public positions on trade, Wall Street and financial regulation
  • Leak from her campaign chairman John Podesta's hacked Gmail account reveals contents of some of her speeches
  • May help explain levels of distrust her own supporters have expressed for her in poll after poll
  • Speeches included addresses to banks such as Goldman Sachs and she has refused to release them in any form
Behind closed doors, Hillary Clinton adopted a rather more accommodating tone with Wall Street than she has on the campaign trail.

In private paid speeches to financial firms and interest groups before she declared her candidacy, the Democratic presidential nominee comes off as a knowing insider, willing to cut backroom deals, embrace open trade and grant Wall Street a central role in crafting financial regulations, according to excerpts obtained last week through hacked campaign emails provided to WikiLeaks.

Compare that with her public remarks in the presidential race. For voters, Clinton has embraced the rhetoric of a class warrior: Higher taxes on the wealthy. Tougher rules for Wall Street. Empathy for the financial burdens of ordinary Americans.

The gap between her private and public remarks helps explain the relatively high levels of distrust that voters, including some of her own supporters, have expressed about the former secretary of state, New York senator and presidential spouse. Privately, to audiences at Goldman Sachs and others, Clinton expressed a philosophy that in some ways clashes with the progressive vision she has articulated while campaigning.

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