Hilary vs. Condi who would you vote for?

-Kt Atis-

Jun 24, 2006
Which of these beauitful and strong women would you fvote for as our next and first female president of The United State of America?

And I also forgot to mention, give at least three reasons why and why not.
I would vote for Condi on the basis of these traits.

Pleasant voice, beautiful smile, nice legs, sexy woman, talented musician, I can handle watching her on TV regularly and I wouldn't be embarrassed to have her represent the US internationally. I would also love to see a black and a woman elected so that those groups can stop whining about being left out of the power structure.

I would likewise not vote for Hillary on the basis of her voice alone. I also think she is a proud hypocrite.

I admit these are superficial reasons but given the choice that's the way I'm voting and why. It would be the first time I vote for a Republican.
I would go for Condi and here's why (btw, you can post a poll when you start threads to keep a running tally).

Both of them are strong, determined women, but I think Condi would be the better choice for leading our troops into battle. Condi isn't afraid to fight terrorism or call it what it is. Hillary just isn't afraid to raise everybody's taxes and force us to pay for everyone's health care.

Condi also seems genuinely more interested in the welfare of the country instead of the welfare of her own political power.

Condi is also a conservative and thus aligns better to my values than Clinton does.
I wouldn't vote for either. Hillary is a given.

On Condi, I wish I could, but her begging of terrorists, via Hamas, makes me ill.

Thus neither gets my vote.

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