Here’s One of the Moonbats That Vandalized Stonehenge

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The life-size replica of Stonehenge in Washington state​

There’s a rather quirky, unexpected roadside attraction on the outskirts of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area: a life-size replica of Stonehenge in Washington state.


Overlooking the mighty Columbia River and surrounded by arid hills and vineyards, the monument was the first one built in the USA to pay tribute to military personnel who gave their lives in World War I. In 1995, the Klickitat County Veterans Memorial was erected near the site to honor those from the area who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country, and each year a ceremony is held.

The history of Stonehenge in Washington state​

So why is there a replica of England’s famous attraction near Wishram, Washington? It’s all thanks to Samuel Hill, a Quaker who’s known for establishing the neighbouring Maryhill townsite which had a post office, hotel, general store and eventually the Maryhill Museum and winery.

Hill visited the real Stonehenge during WWI, and was inspired to duplicate the Neolithic structure back home as a sign of peace and heroism. He tapped the knowledge of engineers and archaeologists to construct it, using reinforced concrete when local stones didn’t work as planned.

Hill commissioned an astronomy professor to align the position of the stone to the astronomical horizon, instead of the midsummer sunrise which is a three degree difference from the original structure. That subtle difference makes the Washington version challenging to use as an astronomical calendar.

Visiting the Maryhill Stonehenge WA​

Since the Stonehenge replica is dramatically perched on the edge of a cliffside, it’s easy to spot along Highway 14 which has sweeping views of the Gorge, the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge and Mt Hood in the distance. The site is open every day from 7 a.m. to dusk, and parking and admission is free.

(View from site overlooking the Columbia River gorge)
Tour the towering rock formation, where plaques of the fallen soldiers are affixed to the stones. There are interpretive signs, as well as also a collection of rock cairns that visitors have erected in the middle of the site.
thats near Goldendale Washington my Moms home town.
Sam Hill was an advocate for paved roads, many of which he was instrumental in getting built in the PNW. Partly how he made his fortune for the Stonehenge and also his museum (in his mansion residence), about a mile up the road from the Stonehenge;
Set among 5,300 acres on a bluff overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, Maryhill Museum of Art is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most fascinating cultural destinations.

A full day of fun can be had exploring the museum’s special exhibitions and permanent displays. Head outdoors to take in the views and the William and Catherine Dickson Sculpture Park, featuring works by many noted Northwest artists. Enjoy a light lunch at Loie’s: The Museum Café with terrace views of the Columbia River and Mount Hood.

Museum highlights include a gallery of 80 works by Auguste Rodin, artifacts from Queen Marie of Romania, Orthodox icons, unique chess sets from around the world, the renowned Théâtre de la Mode, along with rotating special exhibitions, educational programs and events.

Maryhill Museum of Art - Wikipedia

Collections | Maryhill Museum of Art | Art Collection

The Bizarre History of the Maryhill Museum of Art

Learn how a railroad executive, a dancer, and a queen of Romania created one of the Northwest's strangest cultural institutions. The museum features Rodin sculptures, Native art, chess sets, and more in a Beaux-Arts mansion overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.
Collectively these two items can make an excellent day trip. Doing it in late Summer when harvests are in can also be fun getting fresh fruit and vegs.
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I spent at least 5 years of my life in the 3rd world.

I do not like your kind of lawlessness. Your vanadalism starts simple, is ignored by you. The next step is worst. Then worst. Until is is violent and destructive

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World Heritage Site. An Oxford student. Shows you the caliber of intelligence attending universities these days. As she/he/they/it wears everything related to fossil fuels.

“Stonehenge at solstice is all about celebrating the natural world – but look at the state it’s in! We all have a right to live a life free from suffering, but continued burning of oil, coal and gas is leading to death and suffering on an unparalleled scale.”

“It’s time for us to think about what our civilization will leave behind – what is our legacy? Standing inert for generations works well for stones – not climate policy.”

Brainwashing for years by the Left has an entire generation lost and civilization doomed.

They need to throw the book at these people, including the recent plane incidents in London. How much money does it cost to repair Stonehenge and repaint two airplanes? These people act like they will get nothing more than a slap on the wrist and let right back out and be able to continue doing this same stuff. Unfortunately, they may be right.

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