Here is how the Media makes Simple People draw the Incorrect Conclusions...


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Mar 16, 2009
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Passenger with possible TB infection pulled from plane -

(CNN) -- Passengers aboard US Airways Flight 2846 were waiting on the tarmac at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport when their pilot came on the intercom.

"We've been notified about a health emergency aboard the aircraft," passenger Dean Davidson heard.

A few minutes later, Davidson saw a flight attendant walk toward another passenger sitting a few rows ahead of him. The flight attendant handed the slender middle-aged man a medical mask.

Emergency personnel boarded the plane a short time later and removed the man, Davidson said. A firefighter then came on the intercom and announced that the passenger had active tuberculosis and was contagious and that other passengers on the flight had been exposed. He advised them to contact their physicians immediately, Davidson said."

Really?... A "Passenger" is the lead on this story?...

Then why is this the Conclusion of the Authorities?...

Arizona health officials are not recommending passengers on the plane seek medical care because their risk of being infected with tuberculosis is "very, very low," said Dr. Rebecca Sunshine, disease control director for Maricopa County Public Health.

"To put this in perspective... We're much more concerned that the passengers on this flight contracted influenza than that they contracted TB," she said.

I've already seen people on the Interwebs Worried about an Infection that hasn't even been Verified and is less Concerning than the Flu.

Holy Shit, people... I'm Losing Faith in the Species by the Minute. :thup:

Someone with TB has probably made your food in the Airport or Served you the Food and Coughed in your General Direction.

CNN should not have lead with the Hearsay of a Passenger when they could not Substantiate the Claims.



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