Don't Believe The Experts

Another head-slapper:

Louis August Gottschalk, M.D., began transferring what would be a total of $3,000,000 to a Nigerian internet scam beginning in 1995. Gottschalk was a psychiatrist and founding member of the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at University of California, Irvine. He died in 2008.

You just have to wonder how someone so well-educated can be so stupid. It just shows that education and knowledge do not correlate terribly well with wisdom. Universities are full of idiots and socialists and atheists.
Message boards are also full of idiots, and full of ID’iot creationers.

You belittle peer review because by even the most generous of considerations, the peer-reviewed scientific review from ID’iot creationer hacks is virtually non-existent. One week's worth of peer-reviewed papers regarding evolutionary biology exceeds the entire history of ID’iot creationer peer-review.

What truly discredits ID’iot creationerism is not just that it has so little peer-reviewed papers, but that begs the obvious question; why there are so few. ID’iot creationer’ists obviously have no interest in performing original research. Research and publication is what drives peer-reviewed experiments for publication in journals. It’s painfully obvious that researchers see nothing in ID’iot creationer’ism worth paying attention to. Despite false claims that ID’iot creationer’ism is a serious challenge to biological evolution, nobody takes ID’iot creationer’ism seriously as a science, so nobody reviews it in professional literature.

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