Hallmark Christmas TV Conspiracy


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Sep 22, 2013
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Here's a holiday-season toast to the splendid Hallmark Channel series of spirited Christmastime movies, offering audiences across our great country a terrific 'window' into the experiences of shared diamonds. Happy Holidays (and thanks for reading!),


The Hallmark company launched its TV network and began offering holiday-season Christmas movies, running all the way from October through December. Audiences around the USA tuned into the many wonderful Christmas themed movies feauturing some well-known actors and actresses in made-for-TV movies about community values and holiday-time spirit in America. The Hallmark TV network headquarters suddenly became a target for anti-American terrorism!


One of the actors appearing in the Hallmark Christmas movies then began expressing serious concerns about personal safety.


This actor, Ridge, wanted to appear in a new Hallmark Christmas movie about his kids interested in patriotic comic books.


Now, the kaleidoscope-like mosaic of Hallmark Christmas movies made for excellent modern day USA entertainment. In fact, these movies, running all the way from October through December, featured so many colorful stories and themes and characters, that one might make a personal movie poster stamp-like collection or album, as a keepsake for new age American community entertainment!


Another new-gen actor appearing in these Hallmark Christmas movies also expressed fears about appearing in these American TV-movies during anti-American terrorist threats!


This actor, an Algerian-American, was dating a well-known pretty Hollywood film-star named Shelbye who was equally concerned about her beau's involvement in these Hallmark Christmastime movies on TV.


Of course, not everyone was paranoid about this terrorism aura suddenly surrounding the holiday season. In fact, many of these character-portrayed thespians working for the Hallmark Channel were actually excited about the prospect of receiving enhanced federal endorsements and political support for these holiday-season entertainment offerings on USA television!


The Hallmark Christmas movies became a huge hit among women's groups invested in modern entertainment spotlighting a serious focus on community values in this new era of rampant consumerism and media. That's what made this a real American 'dialogue' for the books and for organizations such as Women for Media (WM).


You turn on CNN news TV, however, and you get real and quick flashes of images of terrorists in the Middle East, perhaps organizing new threats against American activity to remind us of the scars of 9.11.


The American President suggested that Hallmark produce a Christmas movie in response featuring a Navy man going home for the holidays to remind himself of the general bounty and social security for which American forces were defending democratic values worldwide in the first place.


Christmas has such a rich and storied tradition in Western civilization, that the threat of terrorism suddenly made Hallmark's awesome trophies a thing to monitor closely and protect from the tarnish of political hellfire.


These movies were beloved and cherished by audiences of all ages around America as well as senior citizens in retirement homes looking to think fondly of their families who may not be celebrating the holidays with them, compelling them to find sentiment of American family life during the holiday season featured in various themed communities in these very designed Hallmark Christmas films.


PRESIDENT BIDEN: "Hallmark is as dear to America as was early days of pioneering radio and television, so we must protect it!"


Would terrorism destroy this last bastion of American TV diligence? What would be the new social entertainment investment policies endorsed by Washington?


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)



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Mar 9, 2011
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SW Wisconsin
My wife watches that network every day. They've been showing endless Christmas shows and in every one of them, nobody is wearing a mask or observing social distance. Even in the ones recently filmed within the last few weeks.

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