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Sep 22, 2013
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Here's an ornamented Rockefeller Center Christmastime vignette for this first Coronavirus holiday-seaon, inspired by the Hallmark series of Christmas movies on TV this spirited season. Thanks so much for reading (and enjoy!),


Rockefeller Center in NYC was home to various forms of Christmas magic during the first Coronavirus holiday-season in 2020. There was a Christmas tree, ice-skating, and music. There was also some unusual intrigue, as this short story will relate.


A young woman named Alexa was in Rocky in New York in 2020 and decided to do some banking, shopping, and ice-skating.


What Alexa didn't know was that an FBI agent in NY named Lori Caldwell was also in Rocky that Christmas to track an Algerian-American bank robber named Isaac Satan.


Isaac attended Rockefeller University in NY where he studied the social psychology links between illusions and delusions, and he used his studies to investigate creative new forms of bank robbery in American society. Isaac decided to apply his NY education to the flowery of heist intelligence in America. Rockefeller University had become his surprising stimulant or spark!


ISAAC: "I walked into the First Republic Bank in New York, near Rocky, in Christmastime 2020, dressed as a Middle Eastern terrorist in apparent Coronavirus protective 'religious head-gear' claiming to be taking diamonds from a corrupt Saudi prince's safe box in the bank which contained $20 million in Antwerp diamonds; the bank manager and guards realized I was a serious dystopian when I showed them my toy water-gun containing an inner-protective glass-lined tube filled with corrosive acid and calmly allowed me to walk out of the bank with the diamonds as a normal diplomat!"


FBI: "The authorities are now working seriously near Rocky in New York this 2020 holiday season to understand just how this elusive bandit, claiming he was a Middle Eastern 'dystopian' seeking diamonds from a diplomatic Saudi investor in America, managed to delude the New York community, so we've labeled this Rocky diamond-thief as the Arabian Knight, and we'll catch this guy with the diligence of Agent Caldwell (Lori)."


Now, FBI Agent Lori Caldwell knew the First Republic Bank (FRB) in NYC near Rocky was quite nice, and she felt compelled to do a thorough investigation of the entire bank and vault-room, to determine why this Arabian Knight would designate this specific Rocky area bank as the ideal target for Christmastime delusions.


ALEXA: "I was in the First Republic Bank when the Arabian Knight robbed it, and we're all thinkin that the main thing, the most important thing, is to just conclude that Rocky was being invaded by a real 'dystopian' this first Coronavirus Christmas."


ISAAC SATAN (ARABIAN KNIGHT): "Don't worry, America; I've retired to the Virgin Islands with my diamonds, and I hope that Saudi prince who was swindled at the First Republic Bank will understand why new age capitalism is confounded by dystopian complications, but in any case, let's all have a Merry Christmas this first Coronavirus winter season, eh?"


FBI AGENT LORI CALDWELL: "We'll not allow such Rocky terrorism to confound Christmastime during the Coronavirus holiday season this year, and we're sure we'll catch the Arabian Knight and prosecute him as a real modern danger."


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)


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Jun 3, 2014
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I'm sure that had some meaning to someone somewhere, but I have no idea who that might have been, or why.

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