Half of the missiles Iran fired at Israel failed on launch or malfunctioned and crashed, reports say

Aug 6, 2012
You see, the benefits of civil liberty, open debate and general questioning in democratic systems is that they produce the greatest of inventions and modifications. This is why nations like America, Israel, France and even Japan (I once read an interesting articles in the 1980s about a more open door policy in Japanese corporations than we thought existed) thrive in the realm of creation.

Systems of liberty are based on challenging each other, altering the status quo. From debates about politics to debate about which numbers to use in a calculation or which ingredients make most sense, when the human mind is free, it can and will create. Those who wish to censor and silence in the U.S are NOT your allies.

This free speech and expression can be applied to all industries and invention. As Orson Welles said about creating Citizen Kane that he ignorantly believed what his mind could imagine the cameraman could reproduce. He gave absolute credit to the great camera man who had made it happen, a movie decades ahead of its time. This is similar to great inventors in the military whose names we will rarely hear of.

In closed systems such as Russia, China, Iran et al. You tell your superiors what they want to hear. You nod your head and remain obedient. You are fed the arrogance of the "boss" and everyone else just remains static in their thoughts. It leads to failure ultimately with the odd success story.

Thus, Irans missile program clearly has some major flaws and the world is surprised. Much like we were surprised at how poorly the Russian military fared in their perceived 72 hour action to take Kyiv.

Canada should take note. If you want to thrive and protect your nation, you need to free the mind of citizens and eliminate the stifling Police State actors and the top-heavy system. Or else our missiles will have the same success in combat as Irans.

More than 300 missiles and drones were fired toward Israel from Iran on Saturday evening in retaliation for an airstrike on the country's consulate in Syria.

Around 99% of the missiles launched were intercepted by Israel, the US, the UK, France, and Jordan.

Iran had warned for weeks that the attack was coming. That gave Israel's allies time to prepare — and avoided targeting civilian locations.

Israel praised the defense effort as a "significant strategic achievement." But around 60 of Iran's missiles failed on their own, according to several reports.

An estimated 50% of Iran's 120 ballistic missiles failed to launch or crashed in flight, unnamed US officials told CBS News and The Wall Street Journal.
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