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Good Bacteria in Gut Lift Mood


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May 3, 2011
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Scientific American Online

While previous work has shown that probiotics can improve the moods of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome, Nature Magazine (which sciam borrowed by permission) reported an article on new initial research on mice that shows a yogurt probiotic by the name of Lactobacillus rhamnosus cheers up anxiety in mice in stressful situations.

If this shows up as a positive influence in depressed people, this could revolutionize mental health care for the better.

I know from earlier readings, that if you eat an apple a day, it truly improves your immune system and gives you a more cheerful outlook on life.

When I developed fibromyalgia, I spent the first 5 years pretty much in screaming-out-loud pain, 24/7. You also have another side effect--sleep disturbance in probably 95% of fibro cases. So at 3 am, 5 years into a life of near total disability, I saw an ad on tv that claimed older people were feeling better by taking a specially-concocted vitamin combo that you could get a week's supply of their product free if you paid shipping and handling. Well, I did, and it chased most of my pain away, but not each of my harsh case of fibro's accompanying syndromes, of which I suffered 11. I was, however, thrilled to get most of my life back.

Since then, I've read the reason people are in a generally healthy and happy perspective at Thanksgiving could be on account of the fact that turkey has a special good chemical in it that helps people relax and get a good night's sleep called tryptophan. On account of that, many turkey recipes are included in books that benefit fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, Chron's, and other autoimmune conditions in which the sufferer can't sleep and gets pain or aggravation out of it.

Wise people actually serve turkey to guests when important decisions need to be made. It just sets people's minds at rest and their hearts in a good mood. Maybe we should have listened a little harder to Benjamin Franklin, who recommended the turkey as America's National Bird. :)

We do not understand all there is to know about food science, but scientists may be on the trail of good things for humanity.

I hope everyone takes a minute to read the above article, and if any solid particular food cheers you up, please mention it.

It's a fantastic article.



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Feb 6, 2011
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Does an aspirin a day keep the cancer surgeon away?...
Daily aspirin 'blocks bowel cancer'
27 October 2011 - A daily dose of aspirin should be given to people at high risk of bowel cancer, say scientists.
Two pills a day for two years reduced the incidence of bowel cancer by 63% in a group of 861 at-risk patients, a study reported in The Lancet said. Newcastle University's Prof Sir John Burn, who led the study, said the evidence "seems overwhelmingly strong". Other experts said the findings added to a growing body of proof that aspirin could be used in the fight with cancer. The study was conducted on 861 patients with Lynch syndrome, which affects one in every 1,000 people. They struggle to detect and repair damaged DNA which means they are more likely to develop a range of cancers including those of the bowel, womb and stomach.

'Good deal'

When looking at all patients in the trial, those in the group given 600 milligrams of aspirin every day developed 19 tumours compared to 34 tumours in the other "control" group, a reduction of 44%. When the researchers looked at just those patients who took the medication for at least two years the reduction was 63%. There was also an effect on other cancers linked to Lynch syndrome, which fell by half in the treatment group. Prof Sir John Burn, from Newcastle University, said there were 30,000 adults in the UK with Lynch syndrome.

If all were given the treatment he said it would prevent 10,000 cancers over 30 years and he speculated that this could possibly prevent 1,000 deaths from the disease. However, there would also be side effects. "If we can prevent 10,000 cancers in return for 1,000 ulcers and 100 strokes, in most people's minds that's a good deal," he said. "People who've got a clear family history of, particularly, bowel cancer should seriously consider adding low dose aspirin to their routine and particularly those people who've got a genetic predisposition." Aspirin is already well known to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in high risk patients.

Other studies over the past two decades have suggested the pain killer reduced cancer risk, but this was the first randomised control trial, specifically for aspirin in cancer, to prove it. In 2010, a study suggested patients given aspirin had a 25% lower risk of death during that trial. Prof Peter Rothwell, from Oxford University, who conducted that study said the latest research "certainly helps to build a consistent picture, all pointing in the same direction that there is a link with cancer". Cancer Research UK's Prof Chris Paraskeva said: "This adds to the growing body of evidence showing the importance of aspirin, and aspirin-like drugs, in the fight against cancer."

'Balanced argument'

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