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  • To all friends, freedombecki still can't recall her password and is now aka beautress. Came here to find my old Christmas avie with that sez Bells on Bobtails ring. :) and Hiya if you came over. :hugs:
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    Good to know who you are now.
    I’m so sorry for your loss. I know it is much belated.
    To all friends, My husband's dementia kept getting worse, and he passed on June 13, 2016. It takes time to adjust to living by oneself. I'm now freedombecki2, because I just couldn't remember my old password. I'm also posting from the library.
    Just a little message to friends who drop by. I can only be here in the future on a limited basis. I fell twice in April and twice today. I am trying to take care of a family member who has early stage dementia, and it takes a lot of time. Thanks to everyone for your support throughout my time here. I will post as post can as long as God allows it. I know I owe a lot of rep, but right now, I'm dizzy and need to go offline. Treat others as well as you can, and those of you of faith, be of good courage to those who fall. Love to everyone. ~ freedom becki
    I thank you for that my dear! I really do! When I first joined I noticed that the libs here were very scientifically ignorant so I made it my goal to educate them!
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