Global warming cancels Christmas


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Sep 27, 2011
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It is too warm to snow.

Santa Warns In Greenpeace Video Christmas Will Be Canceled Due To Global Warming « CBS DC

“Dear children, I regrettably bring bad tidings. For some time now, melting ice here in the North Pole has made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible and there may be no alternative but to cancel Christmas,

Move the North Pole to Chicago

Earliest Subzero Temps Since ?95; More Bitter Cold And Snow Coming « CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – Temperatures dipped below zero overnight, the earliest it has been that cold in Chicago in 18 years.

The last time Chicago had subzero temperatures this early in the season was Dec. 9, 1995. Unfortunately for Chicagoans, it won’t be long before the mercury is back below zero.

Though temperatures will get into the low 20s on Tuesday, Chicago could see subzero temperatures again Wednesday night. Before that, Chicago likely will get more snow.

You really have to hand it to liberals. The truth never interferes with their lies.

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