Freddie Mac wants your dough...


Semper Fi
May 6, 2010
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Just two weeks ago we had to watch the CEO that Obama "appointed" to GM lie to our faces as he strolled across the floor of one of "Obama Motors" assembly lines,......jammed packed with union thugs that got theirs before secured bond-holders got theirs, and tell us that they had "payed all of the bailout money back,.. with interest,.. ahead of schedule". Now I don't know anything about the car industry, I cannot lie,.... but I do own a small business and it had just been reported, BY THE GOVERNMENT, that GM had not posted a profit in the last quarter! Now I'm no Harvard egghead,.... but I know you can't pay shit back when your NOT MAKING ANY MONEY!!!!! Then it came out that all they had done was use one credit line to pay off another! I guess were all just a bunch of dumb hics that don't know any better,.... but we're not sitting around chewing on crayons in protective head-gear either!! Now,.......It appears that Freddie Mac needs another $10 Billion dollars of the money that the 50% of us producers put into the govt. coffers because apparently the FIFTY BILLION that they got of the stimulas package wasn't enough!!!!! Let me ask this question!,........ where in the hell is the media, or Barney fuckin Frank, or the outcry from any of the govt. teat suckling liberals, or outrage from Nancy Pelosi, or demands for congressional hearings??? Huh??,...... The blatant hipocrasy would be almost funny if it wasn't helping drive our country into the ground!!

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